I help women who need support and nurturing during motherhood and beyond.

You’re a busy, tired mama who wants to feel healthy again, but you don’t know how to begin. There’s so much information about what to eat, what medicines to take, and the five magic techniques that will make you feel twenty-two again. Meanwhile, you desperately crave rest, your kids have had that nagging cough for weeks, and you just wish you could escape for a little while. Sound familiar?

Chinese medicine helps

I’m Arden Yingling, L.Ac., MAcOM, and I offer compassionate, effective healing that gets to the root of your problems. Traditional Chinese Medicine works with your body’s powerful self-healing tools by treating underlying imbalances.

By working with the source of the problem, so many different issues can be resolved – pregnancy and postpartum complications, ongoing stress and hormonal issues, and yes, your kids’ cough. As your body and mind become balanced, you find ease and rest for yourself and your entire family.

Personalized treatment for women and kids

I work with women and children of all ages, and I especially honor women’s needs for nurturing during the pregnancy and postpartum phases. Chinese medicine effectively treats pregnancy challenges, postpartum mood issues, lactation difficulties, hormonal imbalance, and acute and chronic pediatric conditions. My treatments are always tailored to fit your body and your needs, in a peaceful, friendly setting. I look forward to meeting you!