What Shifts When You Practice True Self Care

In my last post, I talked about the meaning of true self care – that it isn’t just about fun indulgences, but about loving ourselves.

When we’re able to make this shift towards self-directed loving kindness, BIG changes take place.

Think about it in another context – what happens when children receive harsh words, judgement, or indifference? They often act out, shut down, or both.

Do you speak to yourself with the same kindness you’d offer a child? Or are you habitually hard on yourself? Do you respect or ignore your own emotional needs?

(If you’re someone who tends to beat yourself up, you’re not alone. Just acknowledge that tendency gently. No beating yourself up about beating yourself up!)

So what ARE the changes that happen when you begin to truly practice self care, no matter what?

  1. You choose healthier habits out of genuine self-respect, not external or guilt-driven motivation.
  2. You get much better at saying NO. When you’re not always putting your own needs last, you recognize when something or someone doesn’t serve you. This includes taking time to rest when you need it – something many of the women I see in my practice struggle with.
  3. You gain CONSISTENCY of action, which can change your entire life.

Consistency goes back to the New Year’s resolutions I mentioned in my last post. Take exercise as an example.

When you say “I’m going to start working out” because you feel guilty or hate the way your body looks, you’re more likely to choose physical activities that don’t work for you. Or to overdo it, injure yourself, or just quit because it feels bad.

But when you say “I’m going to start working out” because you want to be loving toward yourself, you choose physical activities that truly makes you feel good (even if they won’t result in 6-pack abs).

You also stick with it more consistently because you recognize that when you do, you feel happier, sleep better, and enjoy life more. And you KNOW you’re worth that happiness.

If truly caring for yourself is something you struggle with, you’re might think “Great, but HOW do I do this?” I’m going to talk about that in the next post – there are simple, quick steps to begin shifting how you relate to yourself. I promise they really are simple and quick, and anyone can do them.

In the meantime, give yourself a mental hug, no matter how you’re feeling today. Talk to you soon.

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