Three Easy Tips for Fall Health

IMG_6886Early this morning I grabbed a fleece jacket before walking the dog, and my husband turned on the heater in our bathroom for the first time since March. Sure, now that it’s past lunchtime it’s 80 degrees again, but I say when jackets come out, fall has arrived in Central Texas. Finally. Chilly mornings coordinate so much better with pumpkin.

The flip side of gorgeous weather is that we’re about to get on the viral merry-go-round again. Many Austinites deal with allergies year round, but when you add colds and flu to the mix, things get extra challenging. It’s not too late to boost your immune system, though, so you can fight off those germs when they find you. Here are three easy tips (I mean it, they really are easy) for fall health.

  1. Eat well! With both summer and fall produce still available, it’s a great time to enjoy cooking. Limit dairy products, which are cold and create phlegm. Focus on a rainbow of lightly cooked vegetables, fresh fruits, and lean proteins. If you haven’t visited one of Austin’s awesome farmer’s markets lately, fall is one of my favorite times to go.
  2. Watch out for chilly winds! In Chinese medicine, it’s believed that pathogens enter the body through the neck and upper back. Recent research studies confirm that you really can catch a cold from being cold. So keep a light scarf handy to cover your neck! They’re also helpful for those frigid office air conditioners. (If I’ve just helped to justify your mild scarf addiction, you’re welcome.)
  3. Take herbs! If you or your kids always have a rough time during cold and flu season, consider taking preventive Chinese herbs. The classic formula Yu Ping Feng San (Jade Windscreen) is safe for all ages and effective at bolstering immunity over time.

Considering acupuncture or herbs for an immune boost this fall? Contact me to learn more or schedule an appointment anytime.



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