Pregnancy Acupuncture

I love working with pregnant people! Acupuncture helped me so much during my difficult pregnancy that it became the original focus of my Austin, Texas clinic.

I often get asked how often people should come in during pregnancy, so here’s an overview of my Healthy Pregnancy Plan.

🌱 Early pregnancy 🌱 Weekly treatment until around 12 weeks. This helps establish a healthy foundation and minimizes early symptoms like nausea and fatigue. For anyone with a history of pregnancy loss, weekly treatment is especially valuable.

🌱 Middle pregnancy 🌱 Past 12 weeks, if you’re feeling good and everyone is healthy, we switch to once a month. The treatment focus now is to keep everything growing well and address any bothersome symptoms. If needed (for example, if you’re anxious, not sleeping, or still really tired) we can choose more frequent visits until you feel better.

🌱 Late pregnancy 🌱 For anyone interested in labor preparation treatments, we switch back to weekly visits beginning at 36/37 weeks. This helps get your body ready to give birth. Weekly visits are also fantastic for back, hip, and pelvic pain that often shows up in the final weeks.

Of course, not everyone gets started right at the beginning! No matter where you are, pregnancy acupuncture is a safe, super effective way to help you and your baby thrive. If you’re in the Austin, Texas area and interested in learning more, please click here to set up a free discovery call.

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