Perimenopause Insomnia

Perimenopause insomnia is a big problem, and one not often discussed. But it often follows patterns that can be corrected. When people tell me they can’t sleep, I ask if they’re waking up at the same time every night. Most of them answer “Somewhere between 1-3 am.”

ESPECIALLY in perimenopause. During midlife, that time window is just a total jerk about letting you sleep.

So what’s up with the 1-3 am waking? In Chinese medicine, these hours correspond to the liver and its physical and emotional functions. It’s pretty easy (and very common) to piss off your liver, but the good news is it’s also pretty easy to give it support.

Understanding Perimenopause Insomnia

If you’re waking often between 1-3 am and can’t get back to sleep, take a look at these four areas:

  • Are you stressed? Especially if stress tends to make you irritable? If so, working on managing your stress response can have a positive ripple effect on sleep.
  • Are you busy? Is your head dancing with to do lists? The liver likes to plan, so help it out by jotting down any nagging tasks at bedtime, and reassuring yourself you’ll get to them tomorrow.
  • Are you still? As in, you’re not moving your body a lot? The liver likes to MOVE, baby, it likes to dance. Try getting some exercise (it doesn’t have to be intense, and it should be something you enjoy) and 
  • Are you hot? Hot flashes and night sweats often peak during these hours. Make sure your bedroom is cool and use fans strategically to keep your body temp lower. 

If you’re still having perimenopause insomnia, acupuncture does such an amazing job at supporting sleep, as well as addressing any underlying issues, such as stress or hot flashes. I work with this all the time, and would be happy to help you get some zzzzzz. Click here to set up a free, no-pressure chat.

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