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Springtime Love for your Liver

Hello and happy spring! Any of this ring a bell for you? You feel irritable or frustrated You’re sluggish and tired Your digestion seems off You’re having headaches You find yourself sighing a whole lot (maybe in irritation…) Your periods… Read more »

Acupuncture as a Catalyst for Labor

It’s a common story: a woman reaches 40 weeks of pregnancy and finds herself facing a deadline to go into spontaneous labor. If she’d like to avoid a medical induction, there’s often a mountain of advice telling her what to… Read more »


Hi! Welcome to the Songbird Acupuncture blog. I’ll be posting here about how Chinese medicine works, when you might want to visit an acupuncturist, how to keep yourself and your family healthy seasonally, and much much more. Curious about anything in… Read more »