Kids and acupuncture? Totally!

IMG_4963I love pediatric acupuncture! Not only do kids improve so quickly, but it’s so much fun to spend a treatment playing and telling stories.

Pediatric Chinese medicine uses a wide range of tools: acupressure, painless laser, cupping, essential oils, and “taps,” or acupuncture. Treatments for children use just a few thin needles which are tapped in and removed immediately. There’s no need for a squirmy baby or an active toddler to sit still for a long time! Older children and teens may relax quietly with needles in, but only if they’re comfortable. If your child isn’t feeling ready for taps, we use other tools. I always respect your children’s comfort level, because I want them to feel safe and respected when working with me.

I also prescribe safe herbal tinctures specially formulated for children, as well as nutritional therapy and easy massage techniques that parents can use at home.

Safe, comfortable, and family-friendly

Songbird Acupuncture is parent and child-friendly! Kids can be treated wherever they’re comfortable – on the table, on a parent’s lap, even playing on the floor. We have toys and books available to keep your child occupied during their pediatric acupuncture treatment, or if they need to be in the room with you during your own.

Wondering if acupuncture will help your child? Contact me and I’d be happy to answer your questions.