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Why New Year’s Resolutions Suck

So, it’s January 11. How are your New Year’s resolutions going? Your answer is probably one of these three: Great! Um, well… I didn’t make any because I never accomplish them anyway, so whatever. If you answered #1, rock on … Continue reading


Yoga and Chinese Medicine, Plus My Favorite Yoga Resource

Sixteen years ago I bought a set of beginner yoga classes (on VHS!) out of curiosity. I was recently unemployed, battling stress-related digestive issues, and needing some new resources in life. So I popped tape #1 in the VCR. An … Continue reading


September Self-Care Challenge: Week 1

Okay, time to get real about my September self-care challenge. Despite my simple “just two acupuncture points daily” plan, I only managed to give myself a mini treatment 4 days out of 7. It’s interesting how I reacted once I realized … Continue reading


September Self-Care Challenge

For me, and for many of you, September is about restarting. New school year, new season approaching, new energy. It’s my favorite time of year, but it can also be tiring, stretching ourselves after a slower summer. So I wanted to share … Continue reading


Postpartum Depression: I Didn’t Know I Had It

May 4 was World Maternal Mental Health Day. In Texas, the month of May has recently been designated Postpartum Depression Awareness Month. Did you know an estimated fifteen to twenty percent of mothers suffer from a postpartum mood disorder? I … Continue reading


Why My First Acupuncturist Fired Me

Here’s a little story about stress. Twenty years ago, I had my first acupuncture treatment. I’d been suffering from heartburn and stomach pain for months, so I went to the doctor and she gave me some pills. They helped a little. I … Continue reading